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Yoga for Birth Preparation Workshop by private request for small groups

1050 Vienna


This is a one off workshop for couples where the Yoga taught in class is put into a ‘Birth Story’ context. Basic information on the stages of labour and helpful tips for the birthing mother and partner are explained. You will be guided through each stage of labour while learning the most suitable breath, movements and yoga postures. Simple pain relief and massage techniques will be taught as well as birthing positions to allow for a more comfortable labour. Sarah is a yoga instructor, massage therapist and mother trained in pregnancy and post-natal yoga. Her home birth experience helps inform her approach, as well as her knowledge of hypnobirthing and various meditation techniques that can be useful for labour. This is not a medically focused workshop, but basic hospital procedure and alternatives will be discussed. The workshop is limited to 6 couples so please email asap to book your space.


Snacks and tea will be served after the session for questions and answers.


This is a fun workshop where a role is created for the birthing partner, so please come comfortably dressed and be prepared to get on the floor and join in. Ideal for couples but students coming on their own are more than welcome.


Per Couple: 80.00

Per Person: 45.00

Prepare for childbirth through gentle yoga poses and breathing exercises!

It is a great opportunity for mothers-to-be to connect and discuss their growing babies and changing bodies. It also helps relieve tension and teaches you how to remain calm and balanced, important skills during labor and delivery.

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